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It takes 42 muscels to smile, so instead, stick up your middle finger and say bite me in a bitchy tone!


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10.31.06 at 1:31pm]
Photoshop - Dead
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Taking up most of my time... [
10.28.06 at 2:21am]


Drawings Of Light More of Drawings Of Light

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10.22.06 at 1:23am]
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10.12.06 at 12:41am]
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10.10.06 at 12:33am]
Your Brain is 67% Female, 33% Male

Your brain leans female
You think with your heart, not your head
Sweet and considerate, you are a giver
But you're tough enough not to let anyone take advantage of you!
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Photoshop - My Goddaughter Kali [
10.08.06 at 12:59pm]
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10.01.06 at 10:23pm]
Steve and Mary

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Photoshop - Lost My Head [
09.30.06 at 5:32pm]
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It's sad really... [
09.29.06 at 1:08am]
The characteristic human trait is not awareness but conformity, and the characteristic result is religious warfare. Other animals fight for territory or food; but, uniquely in the animal kingdom, human beings fight for their beliefs. The reason is that beliefs guide behavior, which has evolutionary importance among human beings. But at a time when our behavior may well lead us to extinction. 

Michael Crichton - The Lost World
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Photoshop - I See / I Bleed [
09.25.06 at 1:24am]
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Happy Birthday Stephen King! [
09.21.06 at 12:49am]
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09.14.06 at 1:49am]
Your results:
You are Spider-Man
The Flash
Green Lantern
Iron Man
Wonder Woman
You are intelligent, witty,
a bit geeky and have great
power and responsibility.

Click here to take the "Which Superhero are you?" quiz...

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Damn Religious Fanatics [
09.08.06 at 1:56pm]
They are always breaking the law and attempting to repress other peoples rights!

Dutch Priest Charged in Madonna Threat

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) - Amsterdam prosecutors said Friday a 63-year-old priest has confessed to phoning in a fake bomb threat to a Madonna concert in the Dutch capital city last week.

"He was hoping to stop her from performing her famous 'crucifixion' act," prosecution spokesman Robert Meulenbroek said, referring to a scene in the 48-year-old pop star's latest show.

The scene, a mock re-enactment of the crucifixion of Christ, offended some Christians during earlier concerts in Italy and Germany. Two Amsterdam concerts went ahead as planned on Sunday and Monday, despite a handful of protesters.

Meulenbroek said it was likely prosecutors would seek a community service punishment for the priest, since it was very likely this was his first such offense.
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Hey watch the shirt it's Armani! [
09.07.06 at 2:20pm]
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Voices [
09.03.06 at 2:01pm]
Gentle and tender influences whispered eagerly from inner recesses.
Sweet nothings guiding actions of titillating depravity and perverse sensations.
Sudden discord , false implications, and simple deceit of self.
And memories once lost to a preferred death revisited.
Resulting in hesitation and clarity of a sort.
Obviously an assiduous source, for I must and I certainly shall once more.
Putting that which would interpose aside.
Taking on the persona of a common soul.
The beast shall rejoice this nights baleful deed.
For in scarred hands I caress the beating dreams.
Of yet another lost and distorted perception of being.
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Where the hell were you, dinners cold! [
09.03.06 at 1:29am]
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Modern Medicine International Competition.... [
08.16.06 at 12:50pm]
This funny!

A Japanese doctor says, "Medicine in my country is so advanced that we
can take a kidney out of one man, put it in another, and have him looking
for work in six weeks."

A German doctor says,"That is nothing, we can take a lung out of one
person, put it in another, and have him looking for work in four

A British doctor says, "In my country, medicine is so advanced that we
can take half of a heart out of one person, put it in another, and have
them both looking for work in two weeks."

The Texas doctor not to be outdone, "You guys are way behind. We took a
man with no brains out of Texas; put him in the White House and now half
the country is looking for work."
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08.14.06 at 12:29am]
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I've fallin' and I can't get up [
08.12.06 at 11:27pm]
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Uncommon Appetite [
08.12.06 at 11:23pm]
I ache to have that which society deems forbidden and immoral.
The salty sweet decadence of a depraved wanton act.
A hunger abated by delicate pallid features as pale as death.
And rose red whispers of unanswered pleas and silent unspoken pity.
Free to tread among this nights endless pitch.
I view her from secret, a witness to quiet splendor.
As she shudders from my radiating brilliance, I step.
Moving from leaden shadows and secreted places.
Leaving the darkness in peace once again.
To feast upon the essence of God.
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Hello Mr. Jones [
08.06.06 at 3:20pm]

He was unable to close his eyes as the final moment came, they just kind of stuck open. And if he could, he would have told you it hurt, it hurt like hell in that split second it took him to die. Don't let them tell you any different, you feel it, you feel everything. Who says pigs can't fly anyway?

It’s just not cool to be killed by flying swine, not cool at all.

The impact was so intense that his head and his ass met for the first time, quite literally. Figuratively they had gotten together, unfortunately, numerous times. There was such a mess of blood, bone, and meat, that you couldn’t hardly tell the difference between man and pig (actually a large white boar).

What are the chances it would hit him straight on top of the head like that? It had to be moving extremely fast when it forced his head down into his chest cavity. He could even see it, like moving your hand up in front of your face. Suddenly it went from a bright sunny afternoon to total darkness. There was a brief moment of pain, and then nothing.

That was how Steve Jones's week ended, the strangest week of his life.


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Happy Birthday TQ-1 [
08.01.06 at 1:03pm]
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08.01.06 at 12:38am]

Which Beatle Are You?

You are - GEORGE HARRISON! Your quiet and quite reserved, but only in a crowd! You have a great sence of humor and your loved by your friends and family. Faith is important to you! You can't see why people would want to fight and you hate the idea of war!
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

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In The Eyes Of The Beholder [
07.28.06 at 1:26pm]

The strange can, and will, seek out each and every person. Some it catches, while others stay just out of it's reach. Sort of like the protagonists in those old Twilight Zone episodes. Unfortunately for them, the strange had caught up. And when the strange finds you, and lays it's figurative hand upon your brow, there's no telling what might happen.

Just after midnight on the 10th of July, the strange finds one James Weston, and holds on tight.

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I scanned Doc [
07.26.06 at 1:17pm]

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I am the cat man [
07.24.06 at 1:39pm]
So, I have this new kitty (Doc) who is 3 months old. He was an orphan and he had some fleas and other interesting problems. Nothing major and nothing to worry about according to the Vet.
He's scratched me at least 15 to 20 times. I'm pretty sure the little shit (love him) gave me cat scratch disease (fever). I've felt like shit for over a week now. A couple more weeks and I will have to go to the doctor for antibiotics, damn it! I have all the symptoms except the swollen lymph nodes. Slight fever, constant headache, fatigue, and oh my god it hurts joint pain. I Googled it, but they didn't say anything about physical transformation.
This is me now. Hey I think I just saw a mouse, gotta go.....

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07.16.06 at 2:30am]
DENVER (AP) - A date with Jessica Biel will be up for bid next week to help raise money for a teenager who lost her leg in a prom night limousine accident, Denver newspapers reported this week.


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My goal weight! [
07.15.06 at 5:37pm]
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Suffer Not A Child [
07.14.06 at 12:52am]
It was ten o’clock on a Thursday morning, and the sun was bright in a cloudless blue sky. Birds were singing, and people were going about their busy lives, it was a perfect seventy degrees. It was an absolutely beautiful day.
And that’s when Ben Barker realized he would have to kill the little boy next door.
It was only yesterday that Jimmy was creeping around outside Ben's house. He was pretending to get one of those foam footballs he was supposedly playing with, that had rolled into Bens yard, right outside his living room window.
"Please, how pathetic and just a bit obvious, it’s little tricks are", he thought.
Every time the boy moves, there's something else just below the surface that moves a split second later, like a dark blurred after image. But that’s long enough for Ben to see the eyes, the teeth, the claws, the evil hiding inside.
"That's no twelve year old boy. No human boy anyway," he thinks.
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Mmmmmm, Yumo [
07.12.06 at 2:01pm]
"Cruise-Holmes Baby Not Seen in Public"

That's because Tom ate it. Quietly.
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Do svidanja - Vi ses sénare - Addiu [
07.12.06 at 1:49pm]
NEW YORK (AP) - Fans of "The Simple Life" will be seeing more of ex-friends Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. E! Entertainment Television will air a fifth season of the reality-style series, which shows the tabloid-ready celebutantes thrown into everyday situations with real people, the network announced Tuesday.

Ohhhh yeahhhh! That's great! That's fantastic. TV the way it's supposed to be. Quality, quality, quality! I'm going upstairs now to get one of the guns and blow my brains out. See ya. Or not.
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Photoshop - Lucy Attacks [
07.11.06 at 2:20pm]
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Photoshop - Eric The Impaler [
07.09.06 at 6:15pm]
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Super Good! [
07.08.06 at 7:24pm]
Went and saw Superman Returns today. LOVED IT!
Brandon Routh is as good as or better than the late Christopher Reeve. The CG is "real" and the flying looks amazing. Kevin Spacey is a great Lex Luthor, Parker Posey is great, and Kate Bosworth is a honey (though she's on the skinny side). SEE IT!
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Uhmmm, ooooooops! [
07.06.06 at 7:19pm]
So, I took "Abigale" to the vet today, and guess what.
She got her name changed to Doc, because she is actually a he. That's where the ooops comes in.
I was told it was a female, and I even looked. Didn't look like balls to me. The vet said it's sometimes hard to tell when their that young. You have to actually squeeze the testicles to know for sure, and I sure as hell wasn't doing that.
So I now present to you my new kitty, Doc. Who knows what his name will be next week.

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07.05.06 at 2:37pm]
I feel so violated. I no longer have a virgin butt!
Well, at least I know his name, and he was gentle....what the hell am I saying!

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It's all God's fault! [
07.04.06 at 4:36pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Leave it to the religious fanatics to take advantage of a public celebration like the 4th of July to try and force their opinions on those who didn't ask. I didn't seek them out, they came to me unwanted. I hate it when these fuckers come to me to say that their beliefs really should be my beliefs because that's just how they feel about it. That I'm not an adult and can't possibly form MY OWN opinions. How did they form their opinions, the fucking voices in their heads. And I don't mean a conscious.

My friends and I were watching the fireworks show last night and this "cultist" came by handing out literature. This is a bit of it:

"In their ignorance, they think that the devastating things that are happening to the nation are nothing more than nature doing her own thing." Their saying in fact, it isn't.

"Here are some of the chaotic fruit of not keeping God's law: Adultery, Fornication, Rape, Pornography, Abortion, Theft, Greed, Murder, Drunkenness, Hypocrisy, Drug Addiction, Obesity, Fear, Hatred, Sexual Perversion, Racial Prejudice, Disease, Spousal and Child Abuse, Child Pornography, Family Break-down. It actually said "Obesity." If you don't believe in God, you will get fat?

If you have EVER told even one lie, no matter how small, YOU ARE A LIAR and will burn in hell. That means if you ever let's say, let slip a tiny fart and someone smelled it. Then you say "It wasn't me," your pretty much fucked.

"If you have hated someone the Bible says that you are a murderer." GIVE ME A MOTHER FUCKING BREAK!"

They said you can't just clean up your life, no "good" you do can wash away your sins. It's rather sad that someone would say you can't possibly be a good, kind, loving person without believing in a higher power.

And this one pisses me off the most:
"Have you made a god to suit yourself and therefore been guilty of "idolatry", making a god in your own image, believing in your version of what you think God is like." AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THOSE ASSHOLES ARE DOING THEMSELVES!

Because of ALL this, God has in return caused: 40,000 newborns to die every year, Cancer has increased, ten million people have long term mental illness, killer earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, new incurable diseases, and a host of other shit.

Well hell on earth, thanks a bunch God.

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Gosh, I love my job! [
07.03.06 at 3:09am]
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The Unfortunate Death of a Teenage Goth - Part 1 [
07.01.06 at 7:55pm]
"It's not really his fault; I mean he's just being a typical teenager. YOU KNOW THAT'S BULLSHIT, IT IS HIS FAULT, ALL HIS DAMN FAULT! Yeah, and if I could, I'd kill the bastard twice. He shouldn’t touch her, that's his mistake. He touches her entirely too much. Love her, be with her, share in her life, just don’t you touch her, not that way, not at fourteen, NO, I don’t think so."


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The Unfortunate Death of a Teenage Goth - Part 2 [
07.01.06 at 7:53pm]
When he finds himself parked in his driveway almost three hours later, he can't remember anything between the time he found the shoes to the moment he looked up and saw his house. As he slowly gets out of the truck, he realizes he's wearing clean clothes that are not his own.


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The Unfortunate Death of a Teenage Goth - Part 3 [
07.01.06 at 7:50pm]
"Am I insane? How do I know I am? Maybe I was insane before I.... and now I know the true meaning of sanity. This is reality, where as before I was living in what, a dream? And if I once...." A loud boom followed by the lights going out interrupts Saul’s thoughts.
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The Unfortunate Death of a Teenage Goth - Part 4 [
07.01.06 at 7:44pm]
On Tuesday the police showed up at Saul's house to question him about the disappearance of Casey Collins, who was of course last seen in the company of Saul. The police had their warrants, and when no one answered the door, they forced their way in the front and back. This wasn't an easy task considering how much furniture Saul had piled in front of them.
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dork - dude - hottie - hottie [
06.30.06 at 3:44pm]
He looks like a dork next to the Presley babes.
And by he, I don't mean Koizumi.

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Last Wish [
06.29.06 at 12:49am]
His fingers reached to caress
her delicate cheek to wipe away the pain.

To free her sorrow as the brightness
of her beauty fades from his eyes
in eternal darkness.

To dream of her a wish he utters
with final life and hope.
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06.27.06 at 1:16am]
This is my new kitty Abagail (Abby)
She plays fetch like a dog.
She has this thing for my soul patch.
She's unbelievably persistent.
And she keeps waking me up hours early to play fetch by standing on my head with the mouse in her face.

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06.27.06 at 1:05am]
Bush Slams Leak of Terror Financing Info
Jun 27, 1:22 AM (ET)

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush said Monday it was "disgraceful" that the news...

King Fan slams Bush for his brains leaking out of his fucking ears!
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Burn the toast one more time BEOCH [
06.23.06 at 12:49am]
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06.23.06 at 12:48am]
My mind is completely blank.
(no jokes please)
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Those damn White Castle hamburgers! [
06.13.06 at 1:03pm]
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a sharp ironical taunt [
06.13.06 at 12:57pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Hey! Did everyone hear the amazing news- Georgie went to Baghdad, holy shit!
Well, I guess that means everything is fine, yeah!
Gosh, he sure is the best President ever, Hip-Hip Hooray!

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